The recent pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV2 virus has affected the entire world population in different ways. More than 71 million people have been confirmed with this infection and more than one million six hundred thousand have died from complications of COVID-19. The actions and procedures implemented by governments and their populations is a key factor in preventing losses.

In the world of social media, the WhatsApp conversation groups are one of the most popular ways to stay in contact with family, friends and coworkers. These groups contain a lot of information and data that can be analyzed in an fun and interesting way; therefore, inspired in Saiteja Kura’sWhatsapp Group Chat Analysis using Python and Plotly”, I decided to analyze one of my close friends’ group chat to see what interesting results I could find.

WhatsApp conversation data.

The first step of this process is to obtain the conversation on TXT format. The easiest way to export an entire chat history…

Luis Rafael Arce

Industrial Engineer, full-stack web developer, master’s student in data science

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